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'And by perfect match, I don’t mean someone who’s nice to you and looks good on paper, I am talking about finding the best person for you,' said Olga.'Many of us tend to settle for guys who cross our paths and look like good boyfriend material but we don’t actively get out of our comfort zone to find the best possible match for us.'Dating more than one man may require you to do a little more legwork but it’s worth it as it encourages you to really put yourself out there and take control of your dating life.'Dating more than one man is great for women who would normally go after a certain type of man e.g. When dating more than one person, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try to hang out with different types of people.After she had ended up taking his watch home by mistake, the mystery man even informed her it was worth €20 but told he not to post it back because ‘it’d be too painful to receive the watch in the post and remind me of you’. Lucy’s reply informed the man that she had paid him his £42.50 back and donated the same amount again to a donkey sanctuary, claiming she had never laughed so hard.Lucy, a clothes designer, said: ‘I had only been using dating apps for about a month, mainly Tinder and Plenty of Fish.‘When I got the text, I was crying with laughter – I honestly thought he was joking. ‘Everyone in my office has been snorting and crying with laughter at the text too. ” In the text, her canny companion expresses his adoration and disappointment at being jilted and sweetly admits he had saved up to take her on a nice date. I had a really nice time with you and the truth is I’m a bit devastated atm having read your note.‘People have just been like ‘oh my god, is he joking’ after seeing the message. I really fancied you and saved up some money to take you on a nice date; as it didn’t work out I’d be grateful if you could send along something to contribute for the drinks I spent on you thinking I’d at least get to see you again.She was interested in finding a boyfriend – but mainly wanted some cash to pay her utilities bills.In her first week, where she had one other date, she stumbled across Frank's profile and was charmed by his sparkling eyes and smile.'I wasn't looking for anything in particular,' she said.

Carer Christy, from Winter Garden, Florida, said: 'We had the perfect day and we never could have imagined that this relationship would develop the way it did, but we're really happy.'I am so glad I can share my life with someone like Frank.'Their relationship started in February 2014, when Christy, who had been single for eight months, signed up to the dating website where men can place bids to go on dates with women.

'I thought if I met someone awesome, it would be great, but if I didn't, it would mean I could pay a few bills and have a few nice evenings.

For me, it was a win-win situation.'Meanwhile, Frank had been single for about a year had joined a few months before when he heard about the site on a relationship radio show called Connections.

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‘I met him on Plenty of Fish and I thought he seemed really nice and normal, with a good profession as I’m a career girl and he seemed quite sensible.